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Bulletproof Coffee

We are the only Bulletproof Coffee house in Hood River.
We begin with french pressed Bulletproof Coffee, which is grown organically & is certified and tested to be mycotoxin free. Here in the U.S. we have little to no quality control on coffee, unlike places like Europe & Japan. Consequently the world unloads the lowest quality and often moldy coffee here in the states. Second, we expertly blend Bulletproof Coffee with the Health Fats, beginning with Pasture Butter from Ireland, and then your choice of Brain Octane or XTC oil which in combination super-charge the brain for a high level of performance and eliminate Coffee Crash. To get all the science details, read more.

What We Are About

More than a market & cafe, we're a lifestylye
As evolving human beings we all are redefining the meaning of life. Life is short, so why not live from a place of our greatest passions and bring our best to the planet? Coming from this place, we at Farm Stand in the Gorge are striving to live this view and constantly raise the bar in who we are and what we bring to the community. Read more about Farm Stand's Core Values.

Join The Movement

Take A Stand Join your community by supporting delicious, healthy, life-enriching foods among a diverse group of foodies & eaters, while supporting awesome local growers and culinary alchemists! We exemplify integrity & transparency in the ingredients of the cuisine we serve to our guests & friends. We create community around our love of the "Best Ever" products and foods that encourage vibrant healthy bodies and passionate, conscious minds.

How are we taking a stand?All the produce in our establishment is organic & sourced locally when available. We have organic bulk and packaged products available. The majority of our Cafe Fresh menu items are 100% organic. The only oils we use are organic coconut, sunflower & olive. We offer 9 taps of local & house made Kombucha, and are an authorized Bullet Proof Coffee House. We hand make organically all our own Deli Salads, Dressings & Mayonnaise, Soups, Breakfast Sausages, Smoothies and much more.

100% Pure FreedomIt's time to break the bonds of the industrialized food system that is harming our families and communities. Join us in the fight to support entrepreneurs and independent food makers, growers and the organic farmers in your region.
Supporting Organic Farmers We work hard to source produce from local farmers when at all possible. And, we choose only organic produce for our customers!
Sustainable Living Farm Stand is committed to providing products that help your family live a more sustainable lifestyle. We continue to demonstrate more sustainable practices in our own business and we offer products in bulk with less packaging.