Azure Drop

IMG_20150320_141256706Join the Azure Community and get great prices on organic bulk foods.

The Farm Stand offers a unique opportunity for customers to purchase additional natural and organic grocery items in larger bulk quantities through a natural and organic food distribution company called AZURE. Azure delivers organic foods directly to customers, buying clubs and wholesalers by semi-truck and UPS.  As of July 2015, Azure is delivering to 38 states including Hawaii and Alaska. The company serves tens of thousands of customers across the U.S., including Hood River at The Farm Stand.

Browse over 10,000 items at their comprehensive website. The Farm Stand has a weekly Azure drop at the store. Order online by 4 p.m. on Sunday and pick up your order in the store on Wednesdays. Anyone can join for free and take advantage of wonderful prices on organic products and non-food items.

First, you'll want to SIGN UP. Then, fill your cart and go to the check-out screen. Be sure to enter the drop number D42760 at check-out. Many people find it more time effective to call AZURE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE at 971-200-8351 and have one of their helpful staff set up an account and get you started on this drop.

We'd love to see you each week and say "hello", while you pick up your bulk orders with the Azure Community.