Bulletproof Coffee

We expertly blend Bulletproof Coffee with the healthy fats, beginning with pasture butter from Ireland, and then your choice of Brain Octane or XTC oil which in combination super-charge the brain for a high level of performance and eliminate Coffee Crash.

Coconut oil is one of the world’s most perfect fats… so why isn’t it more popular? Here’s the thing: Even though it has more healthy fats than almost any other food, virgin coconut oil comes with a few problems:

It turns into a solid at room temperature and has a strong taste (not optimal if you don’t like the taste of coconut in everything)…

• Just like conventional coffee, many commodity brands of coconut oil end up contaminated with mold toxins – giving you brain fog rather than a performance boost… And most importantly…

You can’t consume enough of it to get the full benefits of the “medium chain” super-fats trapped inside. At least not without running into the common coconut oil side-effect you might call… well…“disaster pants.”

You see, coconut oil contains a few amazing fats bundled up with less beneficial fats that come along for the ride. And these lower-quality fats are hard on your stomach, making reguarl coconut oil difficult to digest. So how can you get only the best, most easily digestible fats from coconut oil – and skip the ones you don't need?

That's where XCT and Brain Octane oils come in. What makes XCT and Brain Octane different from plain coconut oil?

XCT and Brain Octane oils are liquid at room temperature – with a taste that blends invisibly and clump-free into coffee, shakes, soups and even salad dressings.

And unlike regular coconut oil, XCT and Brain Octane are triple-distilled to leave only the healthiest MCT (“medium chain triglyceride”) fats that give you the greatest benefit.

You would need to eat six tablespoons of coconut oil to equal a single tablespoon of XCT… and 18 tablespoons to match one tablespoon of Brain Octane!

Bonus? These smooth, highly refined oils are much easier on your digestion – meaning you can get far more of the most beneficial coconut fats with far less chance of disaster pants.

Why “Medium Chain” Fats?

Fat molecules come in three varieties – short, medium and long…   And out of all the digestible fats, the “medium” MCT’s are the easiest for your body to burn for fuel. They’re also the least likely to get stored as body fat.

That’s because unlike longer-chain fats that take more work to digest, MCT fats go straight into your bloodstream, where your liver breaks them down into ketones that act like rocket fuel for your body and brain.

In fact, your body breaks down MCT’s into energy about nine times faster than sugar – all without the crash. And since these fats get broken down so quickly, there’s literally no time for your body to store them as flab around your waistline.

What’s the difference between XCT and regular “MCT oil”?

The problem with most “MCT” oils is that the top ingredient isn’t actually an MCT at all – just a marketing gimmick. This fat – known as lauric acid, or C12 – got labeled as an MCT back in the 1970’s (suspiciously, just when MCT oils started going on the market). Yet your body digests it just like a longer-chain fat.

That means, instead of getting broken down into ketones for fast, crash-free energy… Lauric acid goes into your lymph system with the rest of the less digestible fats, where it’s more likely to get stored as unwanted body fat. It’s like putting kerosene in your car instead of gasoline: Sure, they’re both flammable… still, you probably won’t get the same mileage. At the same time… lauric acid is more common and a lot cheaper. Making it a popular substitute for the more powerful MCT’s. Even though the resulting “MCT oil” isn’t much more potent than ordinary coconut oil.

That’s why Bulletproof XCT and Brain Octane oils contain only the rarest and most beneficial C8 and C10 MCT fats that are easiest for your body to turn into high-efficiency fuel.

Do MCT Fats Have Benefits Besides Energy?

Yes – some studies show that C8 and C10 MCT fats may boost metabolism, reduce fat storage and even help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Plus, these same fats have anti-microbial properties that can help eliminate unhealthy gut bacteria like candida. And you may even sleep better by taking one or two tablespoons of XCT or Brain Octane with dinner or before bedtime.

Which is better – XCT or Brain Octane?

Bulletproof XCT gives you a mixture of the two most potent MCT fats – known as caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10)…   While Brain Octane contains only the caprylic (C8) variety.

What’s the difference?

Out of these two MCT super-fats, the C8 variety breaks down into energy-fueling ketones even faster than the C10…  Meaning that 100% pure C8 will give you the absolute fastest burst of mental energy. However, it’s also the rarest of the two: There’s less C8 than C10 in coconut oil, so C8 ends up being a bit more expensive. Either one will give you much faster performance boost than coconut oil or conventional “MCT oil”… and you can even mix the two together to create your own custom blend.

Rule of thumb: Use Brain Octane anytime your number one priority is fast mental energy (like your morning Bulletproof Coffee)…  And economize by trying XCT in recipes like salad dressings, soups and shakes later on in the day for a metabolism boost.