Healthy organic breakfast options for all tastes MENU

We are passionate about creating the highest quality breakfast in the state. Big claim? Here's why we believe this to be true. Being a total foodie and really only desiring to eat really high quality, clean & organic foods, I (Jonathan the Breakfast Chef) have traveled extensively and have eaten at nearly every place that claims to have healthy, local & quality food.

I found may places that serve organic vegetarian items, a few with organic eggs & dairy, and almost always they (eggs & taters) get cooked in unhealthy and GMO oils like canola & soy. Being an omnivore, I was left still looking for the quality of meat that I would serve my own family at home. While often I found that undefined meat called Natural and allot of nitrate & hormone free options, I never found strait-up Organic. Can't find it? Build it!

We created a breakfast that is all fresh, hand made from scratch & Organic. We make both chicken & beef breakfast sausage that is Organic! While serving up delicious hot egg dishes, we also have lighter fare like cereal, parfaits & paleo waffles. Everything is available vegetarian, dairy or gluten free, or what ever your special need may be. We strive for total awesomeness even in the smallest details, like using only organic healthy oils (sunflower, coconut & olive), using organic spices & healthy salts like Celtic & Real Salt. We love you like family and feel you deserve the very best, so here's to you & your health!