Fresh Prepared Deli Case

In a hurry? Grab one of our deli products, fresh-made and ready to go

In line with our standard of sustainability, we create these prepared deli items with organic and natural ingredients we have right here in the store. Our customers stop by and grab one of many salads or sides including a favorite organic chicken salad made from Smart Chicken. Our organic chicken is house roasted right here at The Farm Stand. Ask us about our Smart Chicken, which is humanely raised and processed in a way that makes us feel great about the choosing this tasty and nutrient-rich source of protein.

Come by Farm Stand on your way home and pick up natural and organic prepared foods, ready to go. We produce 100% organic salads perfect for lunch or dinner, including our famous chicken salad, garbanzo bean garlic hummus, quinoa salad, wild caught Oregon albacore dilly tuna salad, black bean and corn salad.

We use all natural ingredients to prepare sun-dried tomato tortellini, taboule salad and garlic Castel Verano olive dip. All in all, we’ve got a fine selection of excellent food, quick to grab out of the deli case and ready to grace any table for any reason, casual or fine dining.