Meat and Seafood

Natural, free-range, hormone free, and sustainably sourced meat, poultry, and seafood

Farm Stand offers a choice selection of natural, free-range beef, goat, pork, chicken, turkey, and wild game. Check out our deli meat, sausages, and bratwurst. We also offer seafood fresh each week. Come in each Friday to pick up the freshest wild-caught salmon, ahi, prawns, mussels, rock fish, scallops, swordfish, halibut.

We also carry specialty wild game including pheasant, duck, buffalo, venison, elk, and many more.

Some of the brands we carry:


Diestel Farms

Jefferies Grassfed Beef

Olympic Provisions

Tails and Trotters
Nicky Farm
Smart Chicken
Mountain Shadow
Niman Ranch

If you need custom meat sourced for any occasion, we are happy to help. Ask for Rob.