Organic Produce

Fresh local and organic produce

We specialize in fresh, organic produce here at the Farm Stand. We offer both USDA and Farmer Certified fruits and vegetables. You may wonder “What is the difference?”. USDA, Oregon Tilth and various state and federal organic certifications are often costly and include a lot of paperwork. And, therefore the costs can be out of the reach of many small local producers. All of the produce that we bring in from afar (farther than a day’s journey with a horse & wagon) is USDA certified Organic. As much as availability and the season allows, we like to support the growers who are right here – our friends & neighbors. Many of these farmers grow in large gardens or maybe an acre or two and are Farmer Organic Certified, which means that they use 100% Organic methods in the growing of their fruits and veggies. They do not pay for outside certification. Many of our local growers are USDA Organic certified as well.

We receive our large produce deliveries every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings, so look here for the freshest, healthiest & friendliest produce around! The Farm Stand is committed to having on hand fresh herbs like dill, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, mints, and seasonal items like sage, ginger and Tumeric. Our customers love the smell of herbs right from the garden.

Check the store weekly for special items like hand-packed seasonal berries, fresh fruit and mixed vegetables for stir fry or braising.